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Tour news

24.07.2003 Returning home via Cologne
We spent the night in lovely Karlovy Vary, a touristic hotspot near Sokolov. The day after we got a tour through this city full of hotsprings, and we drank some of the distasteful water. Anyway it is supposed to make you healthy so there we took off on our way home in sound shape. It was a little bit too far to travel in one day so we booked a hostel in Cologne where we could reflect a little - and finally drink without worrying about staying in shape for tomorrow. We found out Cologne is a terrible city to go out, so we ended up in a funny Spanish bar somewhere downtown. By that time it was already clear to us that we all had the time of our lives. We matured as a band, now knowing we can handle pretty much every situation on stage. We were also very happy to see crew and band function as a perfectly drilled team. Juri and Thijs can build up the entire backline while we are warming up somewhere else, and we would be thrilled to see Sjoerd driving us to any corner on the planet. The six of us have been feeling free as a bird for more that a week. Thanks everyone somehow involved for making this possible.

23.07.2003 Rounding up in Sokolov
The four friends following the band on tour with their airconditioned Renault proved very helpful by helping Thijs and Sjoerd (who had his passport in Thijs bag when he lost it) get to Liberec to pick up the bag Thijs forgot at McDonalds the day before. Lucky or not, the police officer who helped us out was very friendly, and after an hour or so doing paperwork, the now infamous grey bag was back in our hands, including passports, credit card and lipgloss. It was a pretty long drive to Sokolov, in the west of the Czech Rep., and it took some time to find out which venue we would play. When we got there, we were surprised to see the poster they made to promote the show : the Teletubbies would lure all little girls and boys of Sokolov to the Velvet club for sure - smart thinking! We played there with the band we like to refer to as the Czech Hot Chili Peppers, with an excellent bassplayer. We played after them, squirting out our very last drops of sweat, pushing out our last piece of energy. We had the most fun time ever on stage, in a little concrete shed at a busstation somewhere in squalid and poor Sokolov.

22.07.2003 Lost and found in Nove Mesto
The exhausting schedule is starting to break us up a little. We arrived at Club Mendl in Nove Mesto nad Metuji only to find out Thijs lost his bag with pretty much everything valuable that could fit in a bag like that. He forgot to take it with him after breakfast at McDonalds in Liberec - 300 km from where we were. Anyway, the impressively competent Czech police recovered it, so the show in Nove Mesto could continue without too much stress. The show was okay, we had a small, young crowd who seemed to appreciate what we did. It did become very obvious to us that after 7 shows in a row it becomes pretty hard to keep your concentration. We took it easy that night, and we were lucky to get sleeping places and a good shower in the venue.

21.07.2003 Punk in Poland
We woke up at 11:00 after a good long rest. We had some time to see Prague and watch the breathtaking city. We met Ralfs mom who happenned to be there at the same time, and we had lunch together at the Legends bar. That was just what we needed. That night we would have to play in Sieniawka, Poland, just across the Czech border. We had quick but tasty dinner at Pavels house, who guided us to this tiny village, mostly living of bordertourism. This was going to be a punk show, and boy did we feel like playing the punk way! The venue was a converted house with a big backyard, where the 'Dutch' soccerteam proved unbeatable against the Polish team that afternoon. We finally got to see Noisession, a great Weltschmerz-core band who also played with us the two days before. We had the best time on stage ever. The little distraction from the Polish beauties made everything perfect. The rest of the night is history. Ask us later!

20.07.2003 Guru Music Club, Prague
After a weird afterparty at the Kyjovksy Festivalek, we were woken up by the festival organisation at 08:30. It took a couple of hours to get over this shock, but we did. We were a little flabbergasted to see the mess on the festival field, and people picking up their first beers before 9 AM. We arrived at Guru Music Club in Prague in the late afternoon, just before finding out that apart from promotion, nothing was organized. We were dreaming of playing the ultimate show in Prague, but there were little people, no food, just enough water, and most of all, no place to sleep - at first. It was interesting too see how we managed this little situation as a group - and with thanks to everyone who helped us out, we had a pretty okay show and we had a roof to sleep under and some food in our stomachs. It turned out fine after all, like everything always seems to turn out fine. Did we mention Pavel is our hero? Well, Pavel is our hero.

19.07.2003 LioM playing open air festival in Czech Republic
So there we were, all fresh and well-fed people, entering Czech Republic - eager to dive into new adventures. And adventures it became! After some searching we found the Kyjovski Festivalek grounds, right in the middle of nowhere. This festival may be regarded as the world's best party kept secret in the dark woods of northern Czech Rep. Like a mini-mini Lowlands it had everything to offer : many different bands, local food, toilets, first aid, etc. The bands were good, or at least weird - when we saw a big fat naked guy playing tuba and thought we had it all, a guy with no legs or arms (well, maybe one hand) was lift up stage and started playing guitar with his metal band. Respect!
We played in the same open truck in front of about 400 people as the second last band, when the sun had already set. Obviously the entire crowd was drunk after a whole day of drinking Gambrinus beer, dancing on our music. Although it's pretty hard to find out how Czech people actually feel about something, we like to believe people liked it. Anyway we went asleep pretty late that night, just to be kicked out of the house we slept in shortly before nine that morning. It took some time to power up after that mild shock, but after shower and breakfast in Rumburk and coffee in Prague, we are finally waking up now.

18.07.2003 Living for Dresden
Driving to Dresden was quite an adventure. We had a small carcrash like touring bands are supposed to have. Our driver Sjoerd was a little bit too focussed on the toy tyrannosaurus we pasted near the stearing wheel to see the breaklights in the car in front of us...anyway there's just some minor paint damage on that car, our van had no damage at all. Took some time filling in all the paperwork. After a couple of more traffic jams we arrived at a fantastic place called Riesa Efau. We had good, beanless food this time, which we felt as an extremely positive thing after hanging out in our own gases that day.
We played with local heroes Sonority Subunit, who also organized the whole thing. They rocked, and we tried to rock as much as we could too. Think we made some friends over there! We stayed in a huge appartment, and were pampered like rockstars! We owe a lot of thanks to the Sonority Subunit gang.

17.07.2003 Breaking wind in Hamburg
We're getting the hang of touring! We were in Hamburg yesterday, where we played Fundbureau with local rock'n roll heroes The Rodeo Five. We had a good time on stage, though Ralfs throat was starting to ache. Maybe we gave a little bit too much of ourselves the day before in Rotterdam. Anyway he's on a tea and honey diet now, so we hope everything will be fine.
The Fundbureau cook made great chili for us. We will never forget the amount of gas that left our bodies the day after. We stayed in a cool appartment with matrasses and a shower. We would have liked to see more of Hamburg but we had to leave pretty early to go all the way to Dresden. More on that later!

16.07.2003 Tour starts with a blast in Nighttown main hall
The kickoff for our European tour has been a blast. We opened up for Nada Surf in the main hall in Nighttown. A lot of people showed up before we started, and everyone seemed to be really enthusiastic about the performance. We admit we were a little nervous about the gig, but the tension was pretty much gone after the first song. Nada Surf fans are cool, openminded people and appeared to be good translators (the translation for Fruit Fly was quite amazing) as well! We can only hope to have better shows this next week.

15.07.2003 Band and crew getting prepped up
Today is tuesday, and it's time to get prepped up for going on the road. Roman is picking up the new merchandise, Ralf is off shopping spare plectrums, cables, strings - and some food for the journey, hopefully. Thijs just returned from a relaxing holiday in Spain yesterday night, so he's pretty busy getting his clothes clean and dry. We heard ticket sales in Nighttown are going well. Our hearts and minds are filled with joy and high expectations!

14.07.2003 Jaromer CZ show replaced to Sieniawka PL
We had to make some slight changes in the tourschedule. Our show in Jaromer (CZ) was cancelled, unfortunately. We will now perform in Sieniawka (PL), which sounds like good fun as well!

06.16.2002 Liom supporting Nada Surf in Nighttown
We are excited to announce LioM will be opening act for Nada Surf on july 16th - which will function as a kick-off for our European Tour starting the day after. We share the Nighttown main stage (cap 1500 or so) with a band that we respect very much (as songwriters as well as an independent band). Tickets are EUR 12,- and availabe at presale addresses. Be there on time, because we will start at 21:00 sharp.

26.03.2003 Roman to drive Face Tomorrow around Europe
Our drummer Roman will be driving our homies from Face Tomorrow around Europe in april. Roman will lead them through pretty much every European country. Hals und Beinbruch to Face Tomorrow and Roman! While Roman is arranging shows for our own European tour, the remaining members will continue working on a whole bunch of projects.

21.01.2003 LioM to tour Europe this summer
The LioM boys are going to have a swell vacation this summer. This vacation goes to the heart of Europe, where we will rock out festivals, basements and tiny bars. Or at least, we got a couple confirmed gigs for Czech Republic. Our gentle throats will be soothened by the wonderful beers...so visit the tourpage, and help us out for the bunch of shows we still need to make this thing worthwile. Wow.

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16.07 nighttown, rotterdam (NL)
17.07 fundbureau, hamburg (DE)
18.07 riesa efau, dresden (DE)
19.07 kyjovský, krásná lipa (CZ)
20.07 guru club, prague (CZ)
21.07 viktor bar, sieniawka (PL)
22.07 club mandl, nove mesto (CZ)
23.07 velvet, sokolov (CZ)

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