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latest update : October 7, 2003
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We will keep you regularly updated on new show/tourdates, releases, gossip and other important news on Legends in our Mind. It will be sent once every month. We just might do an extra issue if something really, really important is happening, like cd releases or label signings or anything...

What's not in your newsletter?

Commercial crap. Obviously, we don't provide your address to any other party. Obviously, we're not going to send you crap. We're pretty much committed to getting the most relevant information about LioM in your box.

How do I subscribe?

you can enter your emailaddress in the box on the right of this page or on the frontpage and press 'subscribe'.

How do I unsubscribe?

You can enter your email-address in the box on the right of this page. If this does not work for some reason, use the following method:

send an email to listserver@lists.remotion.nl and enter 'unsubscribe liom' in the message body (note: the message BODY, not the SUBJECT). If you want to remove an address different from the one your sending your mail from (i.e. your reply address), enter 'unsubscribe liom yourmail@domain.com'.

I'm a disturbed person and I would like to collect all old newsletters. How?

Er well, you could try these links:

issue #1 - june 2002
issue #2 - july 2002
issue #3 - august 2002
issue #4 - september 2002
issue #5 - october 2002
issue #6 - november 2002
issue #7 - december 2002

upcoming shows
13.11 stadsradio, delft
20.11 waterfront, rotterdam
17.12 paard van troje, den haag
03.01 splotsz, roelofarendsveen
08.01 twijfelaar, rotterdam
16.01 bazart, den haag
05.02 simplon, groningen
06.02 nighttown, rotterdam
07.02 koornbeurs, delft

dutch bio (pdf, 156K)
english bio (pdf, 150K)
bandphoto (jpeg, 50K)
what you do to me (mp3, 4320K)
desktop background 2 (gif, 11K)
cd cover preview (gif, 10K)
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